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G Expedition

The G Expedition provides an intimate small-ship cruising experience. Completely refurbished in 2009, she boasts spacious cabins, each featuring ocean-facing windows or portholes and private en-suite facilities. Large common areas and observation decks provide panoramic views of the distinctive landscapes of some of the world's most remote regions. The Expedition's spacious confines can hold up to 134 passengers. Many expedition cruise operators offer you a choice of space, comfort or expertise; the Expedition delivers all three at a price few can top. With a focus on safety, comfort and the unique demands of polar travel, the crew of the Expedition is committed to the ship's continued safe operation.

Built for adventure
* Fast – spend less time in transit and more time exploring
* Sturdy – excellent stability and performance in rough weather
* Safe – designed with safety in mind
* Control – operated by G Adventures
* Responsible – environmental policies that meet and exceed industry regulations
Safety Features
* Forward-looking sonar reduces the risk of its grounding on uncharted reefs or rocks.
* Designed to Ice Class 1B specifications for service in sea ice.
* Four totally covered lifeboats provide capacity for all passengers and crew, while six liferafts boast a capacity of 150 persons.
* Full immersion cold weather survival suits for all passengers and crew
Facilities and amenities
* 360° Top Observation Deck
* All cabins with private ensuite and outside views
* Raised Forward Observation Deck
* Large fleet of Zodiacs with four stroke engines
* Complimentary Wellington Boots for duration of your cruise
* Complimentary destination guides for every passenger
* Large heated Mud Room
* Lonely Planet Library
* Discovery Lounge
Cabin Cat 1
Cat 1 - G Expedition - G Adventures
Cabin Cat 2
Cat 2 - G Expedition - G Adventures
Cabin Cat 3
Cat 3 - G Expedition - G Adventures
Mudroom Polar Bar Cabin Cat 4
Mudroom - G Expedition - G Adventures Polar Bar - G Expedition - G Adventure Cat 4 - G Expedition - G Adventures
Discovery Lounge Library Cabin Cat 5
Discovery Lounge - G Expedition - G Adventures Library - G Expedition - G Adventures Cat 5 - G Expedition - G Adventures