“Base camp” is by definition a temporary storing and starting place, from which an activity starts. We offer “activity modules” which go beyond our normal shore program. The vessel will stay for two or three days at specific locations to serve our active passengers as a comfortable hub to allow more time than usual for wide ranging activities.


We aim at least one night out on each trip but the expedition team will offer more camping occasions when possible. Additional nights ashore are weather and site permitting and can only be offered at times that there is a possibility for the vessel to stay close enough to the shore during the night. When the vessel is relocating during the night camping is not possible.


Our thorough knowledge of the Polar areas enabled us to develop voyages combining nature cruises with diving expeditions, offering you the best dive sites in a fascinating world of ice. These polar diving cruises are still true expedition style.


Oceanwide Expeditions has been a pioneer in expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctica for many years now. We feel at home on land as much as on the sea! As we carry several guides on board our motor vessels we can split up passengers into smaller groups for landings.


Kayaking is one of the most amazing ways to explore the remote Arctic and Antarctic coastlines. Kayakers accompanied by a kayak guide have the opportunity to go off the beaten track. Paddling between icebergs or pack ice, observing animals in their natural environment, the only sound you hear is water dripping from the paddles.


This is a technical and more strenuous activity for mountaineers who wish to walk beyond the shore radius in order to reach higher grounds and view points. The snowshoe hiking demands no extra skills besides a normal, good state of health.

Photo Workshop

You are interested in wildlife and photography in the Antarctica? You have not obtained the basic skills of photography yet, or you would like to travel with like minded experts? Photo workshops will be the answer for those who want to enhance their photographic skills while travelling to the most stunning and breath taking regions of the world during expedition cruises to Antarctica.

Ski Crossing

Ski expedition across South Georgia. follow the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton. A group of up to 12 ski explorers will attempt to traverse, unsupported and self supplied the island of South Georgia.


We followed the Mountaineers for the first section to the top of the Gentoo penguin rookeries. While the mountaineers roped on and headed off towards the summit of Cuverville, we enjoyed the fresh Antarctic air and the first time off the ship after the long days at sea to stretch our legs.