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Chehuel Tours are an enterprise that worries for their clients, that’s why we have adopted a segmentation market for each country. Each tourist is treated in a particular way for a Chehuel Tours according to the origin.

Together we will undertake the most surprising trips by these earth incredible, with extensive plains, imposing glaciers, spectacular paleontological cataracts, rest, high volcanos and mountains with its vineyards, and snow-covered tips and varied rich natural reserves in flora and fauna, with pumas, exotic ñandúes, whales, pingüinos and birds, among others.

Earth that breathes tango, excellent gastronomy, rustic tradition, indigenous culture and incredible natural beauties.

In chehuel we are prepared to receive it and to offer him warmest and nice journey. Have us for which it needs, our doors will be always open. Contact us and start to enjoy of belonging to Chehuel’s Friends.